L C Manufacturing Ltd

Homelift and Stairlift solutions for your home. Regain your freedom today.

L C Manufacturing has been changing people’s lives throughout New Zealand, giving then back their independence to go upstairs and enjoy the home they love. We are exclusive suppliers, working in partnership  with leading manufacturers Stiltz Homelifts and Stannah Stairlifts.

Whether you are starting to find the stairs difficult or you are planning ahead and “future proofing” your home, it is important you check out our range of access solutions, which will assist you to stay in the home you love.

Homelifts by Stiltz

Stylish and practical!

Have you ever considered a lift in your home?
The Stiltz Home Lift is a unique domestic lift that can fit easily into any home. Offering a discreet and elegant look, the unit will travel smoothly and quietly between floors on self-supporting slim rails so it is there when you need it, but at all other times it is unobtrusive. With no hydraulics or supporting walls required, and boasting a small footprint, the lift plugs straight into a normal domestic power socket and is simple and easy to use as you glide between floors – all at the touch of a button. Stiltz Homelifts are a domestic lift which is spacious, comfortable and safe, with models carrying 1-3 people or a wheelchair if required. You can even fit the family pet in too! 

Stairlifts by Stannah

Take back your freedom!

A stairlift or stairchair, is a specially designed chair that sits on a fixed rail track secured to your staircase. A person can sit on the chair and travel between floors.

Stannah designs, delivers and installs stairlifts for your peace of mind and security. Families deserve to know their relatives are safe whilst ensuring they have the freedom to move about their entire home with complete independence. Our stairlift range have been designed to blend seamlessly with your interior. Whether you live in a classic or contemporary home, or if your stairs are straight or curved, we will be able to offer the right rail system and chair option for you.